S. Göbel , U. Jasnoch

InGeo Information Center
Personalisierter Zugang zu Geodaten-Archiven

The InGeoForum was founded 1997 as an information and cooperation forum to enforce the development of the geodata market in Germany. Apart from the communication platform (e.g. there are about 3-4 annual events around the topic of geodata and its specific technical and business-driven aspects) InGeoForum also offers several services such as the InGeo-MIS (metadata information system).
In tradition to previous papers presented at the AKHU workshop series, this paper describes the development of the InGeoForum and the InGeo-MIS as a central service of the InGeo IC (InGeoForum information center). Here, a personalized geodata portal enables users to access geodata and geodata archives in different ways: In addition to the use of traditional search methods such as keyword-based, spatial or temporal searches, the portal offers application-driven access mechanisms taking into account individual user requirements, tasks and goals. These access variants are described in detail in the context of site planning as comprehensive application examples addressing several issues and geodata disciplines.