Uwe Radetzki, Sascha Alda, Thomas Bode and Armin B. Cremers

First Steps in the Development of a Web Service Framework for Heterogeneous Environmental Information Systems

In this paper we present our first steps in developing a web service framework for heterogeneous environmental information systems. This framework allows an easy assembly of data and method services which are distributed over the entire web. In the field of web services, two consortia already conduct endeavors to standardize access to data and method of a web service. Besides, several standardization efforts for building distributed systems arise from the field of distributed objects and component technology. Our approach combines and integrates these technologies within one framework and, thus, provides a higher interoperability among all these different standards. The aggregation as well as the interaction among these services is prescribed by a XML-based workflow process engine which is also part of the framework. Another integral part of this framework is the XMT model which allows the integration of incompatible services by means of portable algorithms. We further demonstrate a conceivable application of our framework in a scenario pertaining to disaster management, in particular to the field of fire fighting.