Gerald Schimak

InGeo Information CenterAmbient Air Quality Data Management and Data Integration

Air quality monitoring as well as air quality data management and network integration are difficult tasks to perform. The more complex the tasks are, the easier to handle they get, and transparent mechanisms are needed. Having an experience of about 20 years in the field of air pollution monitoring, we developed strategies and solutions which we implemented in our new system called UWEDAT-NT.
UWEDAT stands for a new environmental monitoring system based on Windows NT/2000, primarily used in the field of ambient air quality monitoring, even though the kernel of the system is designed and implemented in such a modular and flexible way, that it´s possible to customize this information system in any thinkable way. Within the following chapters we describe the UWEDAT System focusing on the data management tools, quality assurance, data and network integration and the UWEDAT principles.